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You - in a Puzzle!

Take a look at these five interesting puzzles about some people you may recognize.
Then - put yourself in a puzzle! Just enter your name and the names of a few friends below and enjoy solving your own mysteries.

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Carrie's Wedding Anniversary

Carrie was waiting for an appointment in the doctor's office and as usual the doctor was running late. Carrie's iPhone battery was out and other than a Fly Fishing Magazine, all were taken. With nothing else to do, Carrie became preoccupied with her 10th wedding anniversary. It was still three years ahead - in 2013, but she had to reserve a special place, that her friend Charlotte recommended, way in advance. She was trying to figure out what day of the week the anniversary will fall on in 2013 if the date falls on Thursday this autumn - in 2010. Can you help Carrie figure this out without using a calendar?

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Carrie's Closet

Carrie's shoe closet has twenty four pairs of shoes. The other night, the closet light went on and Carrie had to pick shoes by touch. She was taking them one-by-one and checking their color in the bedroom. She was in a hurry and all she wanted was to have two shoes from the same pair. How many shoes does she need to pick to make sure that she has a match?

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Stressed After Vacation

Feeling overwhelmed after the latest vacation, Carrie went to see a doctor. The doctor prescribed two types of pills for Carrie: she should take one pill of each type today and then again one pill of each type tomorrow. Doctor also warned Carrie that by taking two pills of the same type she will overdose. She picked the pills at the pharmacy and discovered that unfortunately they were colored and shaped the same. Scared and stressed, she mixed all four pills at home. How can she survive and manage to take the right pills today and tomorrow?

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Advise Carrie Whom to Trust

The other day Carrie was talking to two magazine publishers and both were trying their best to get Carrie to collaborate with them exclusively. The first of the publishers told Carrie that she has heard how the second publisher admitted being a liar. Can Carrie trust either of these publishers? (This puzzle assumes that everyone is either always lying or always telling the truth.)

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YSL bag on a single salary

Three friends are dying to get the YSL bag from the latest fashion show, but neither could afford the bag. The first friend, Samantha, said: "If each of you two will give me half of what you have, I will have enough to buy the bag. We could then share the bag proportionally to our investments." The second friend, Miranda, added: "If each of you will give me one third of what you have, I will also have enough to buy this bag." Then the third friend, who happens to be Carrie, said: "If each of you two will give me just one fourth of what you have, I could buy this bag. We could then split the bag according to our investments." Who of these friends has the most money?

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